Vivo APEX 2019 hands on: No ports, no buttons!

hey guys we’re here in Hong Kong with vivo checking out the new vivo apex 2019 concept phone and this phone isn’t probably gonna hit the market it’s just a phone that’s going to introduce a bunch of new features that we actually haven’t seen in any smart phones yet so the biggest new feature that is probably available in this phone is the full screen fingerprint reader and this is pretty significant because on most phones.

You have to put your finger on a very specific part of the display but on the vivo apex 20:19 you can actually read your fingerprint on any part of the display so whether or not you want to read it in the center of the device read on the top of the vise in the bottom device it’s fine there’s an optical sensor that is basically right to pull out a display that covers the entire display and so it shoots light up at your finger and you can unlock.

It from anywhere now the other major thing here is that this phone has no ports and yeah that seems kind of strange and for those of you who are used to using USB ports in your phone like every single phone that exists right now that might kind of be an issue so what they’ve done here instead is use this inductive charging port that is magnetic and so they have this little cable that comes with the phone that you’re able to slap on the back and then it charges in via that now this seems a little bit strange.

But of course I asked them about this and they said this is just a concept phone so they want to see what it’s like eight phones don’t have any ports or buttons and of course if this doesn’t have any buttons either than like how do you turn on the phone well on the side here you’ve got capacitive buttons and touch buttons so basically you can turn up the volume and use your power button just by pressing the buttons here or by sliding your finger along here no they’re not real buttons clearly there’s just capacitive sensors right below the display right on the side here and so it might be a little difficult.

If you want to like turn up the volume in your pocket or maybe turn on your phone in your pocket but it makes it so you basically don’t have any ports and it’s a lot easier to make this phone like water resistant or just a solid piece of glass now late last year we saw the Evo next dual display Edition which introduced another display on the back which allowed you to use those cameras as a selfie camera but this year there’s no selfie camera at all and I talked to them about this they said of course this is just a concept and this phone isn’t going to ship so they didn’t really see it as that important to put a selfie camera in this phone.

But we might see a similar concept come out later in this year that maybe has a selfie camera built-in near the top or somewhere else on the phone now the other thing that this phone doesn’t have is any ports or gross so of course there’s no audio girl here that is not a microphone to hear your voice when you’re talking and there’s not a speaker grill to kind of put out sound when you’re listening to music or on phone call so what they’ve done here instead is put the speaker right below the display and surprisingly.

It works pretty well it vibrates the display and sprays sound out of the front of the display and it gets pretty loud this is basically a front facing speaker module so if you really like front facing speakers on your phone then this is pretty cool it’s overall I really think this phone is really beautiful it is a solid uni body display on the back and you’ve just got the display on the front it’s really nice that you can unlock it with your fingerprint anywhere on this play and it’s actually really fast people probably make some of the best in screen fingerprint readers that we’ve seen on the market so far and they’ve rapid prototype these things like crazy this is using the latest generation of those and it seems to work very very well so if you want to learn more about this phone make sure you head over to android authority comm you’ve got all the specs and details lots of photos over there.

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