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Stop annoying cell phone messages

Weather, traffic, hotel recommendations, telling jokes: Where actually should be informed about missed calls or new mails and SMS, annoys Google on Android phones with unwanted notifications. test.de shows how to switch off the intrusive news.

Information value doubtful

Today is Thursday, it is 12 degrees, 2 degrees warmer than on Wednesday. There is a hotel nearby. The traffic situation is calm. Rate the restaurant you are sitting in. Upload a photo. Nearby is a subway station – here is information on the timetable. Google Assistant wants to tell you a joke.

If you are using a mobile phone with the current Android system, you will probably receive this news with dubious information value lately. They appear at the top of the screen under the notifications. This should actually be about SMS, mails or missed calls. Many mobile phone users find that annoying.

Google wants to inform – and know even more

Glitch are Google services: the Google Maps navigation app and the Google Assistant. Other apps sometimes annoy with unwanted messages, but these two have recently been seen as particularly penetrating. Your nerve news go in two directions: First, Google wants to get rid of information – the weather, the traffic situation, hotels and restaurants. Google’s knowledge: users should review restaurants and photos of sights or other information – and thus become agents of Google’s thirst for knowledge.


Many paths lead to more peace

Luckily, you can turn off the annoying news. As so often with Android different ways lead to the goal. And some of them are a bit intricate. Using the example of a current mid-range mobile phone from the market leader Samsung, we show step by step the most important methods for providing more peace of mind in the notification bar. Depending on your Android version and mobile phone, the menu structure and names may vary slightly. But in principle, the described steps should be applicable to all current Android phones.

Turn off notifications in the app menu

If you want to completely ban certain apps from casting notifications on the screen, you can do so via the settings menu of the mobile phone. It is often more differentiated via the settings menu of the respective app. Just click through our picture gallery.

In order for an app to be able to access app notifications, the user must first open the settings menu of the mobile phone. You can either call this via the Settings app or by dragging down the quick settings at the top of the screen and tapping the Gear icon. There are different ways, which can vary depending on the Android version and mobile phone providers. One way: Tap the “Apps” or “Applications” section, select the app you want, tap on the “Notifications” entry under “Settings” and turn off “Allow notifications”.

Image gallery: How to turn off notifications in the app menu

Here’s how it works: Turn off notifications in the app menu

Turn off notifications in the notification menu

An alternative way to completely disable the notifications of certain apps is also via the settings menu of the mobile phone and then there via the section “Notifications”. Depending on the mobile phone used, the user may need to go to another submenu called “App Notifications”. Or he can already allow or prohibit notifications directly in the “Notifications” menu of each installed app. The result is the same: the respective apps no longer have access to the notification bar at the top of the screen.

Image Gallery: To turn off messages in the notification menu

Here’s how: Turn off notifications in the notification menu.

Differentiated settings within the app

Differentiated it is often about the settings menu of each app. In Google Maps, for example, you first select the menu in the upper left corner of the input bar. There, go to the “Settings”, then tap “Notifications”. Here you can specify which messages you want to receive from Maps and which not. So some may find the traffic information so interesting, the various options on the topic “own contributions”, but most want to turn off.

Image gallery: How to use differentiated app settings

Here’s how: Change notification settings in Google Maps.

Disable Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is a special case: it is not an app, but it is much more deeply integrated into the system of many phones with the latest Android. Not everyone wants to use it. There are two ways to turn it off. The one way leads through the assistant’s settings menu: First start the Google Assistant by pressing and holding the Home button, then open the menu in the upper right corner by tapping on the three dots. Here the “Settings” and then under “Devices” the entry “Smartphone” open. There, the Google Assistant can be switched off. After a long press on the Home button, the Assistant will no longer start, but the normal Google search – and a window offering to reactivate the Assistant.

Image Gallery: How to turn off Google Assistant

Here’s how: Deactivate Google Assistant.

Use Android without a wizard service

The assistance service can be deactivated even more thoroughly via the settings menu of the mobile phone. Here again call the “Apps” menu. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner to open the extended menu and in it the entry “Standard-Apps”. Open the entry “Device Assistance App” and then again “Device Assistance App” and select the entry “without” in the list. Then the Google Assistant is completely turned off.

Image Gallery: How To Use Android Without Assistance Services

This is how it works: Switch off assistant service completely

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