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Smartphone Tariff: Network Operator Or Discount Store?

Those who are faced with a decision are spoiled for choice: this applies to unknown intersections, in polling booths and in the search for the right smartphone tariff anyway. The mobile phones make the customers with their overflowing offer truly not easy:

So you feel as a customer whether the tariff variety is slain. But if you make a few things in advance when making your decision, the chaos does not bring you to your knees so quickly.

Smartphone Tariff Network Operator Or Discount Store

Network Selection Decisive

Even before the price, the quality of the network is decisive: Naturally, the network operators set the tone here. Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone are pushing ahead with the development of LTE and are stepping on the gas pedal. The data rate at Telekom, for example, is up to 300 Mbit / s, and Vodafone up to 500 Mbit / s. Advantage: The high data rates can be used by both not only for the contract but also for the prepaid clientele.

In the current connect network to test the Telekom made the race before Vodafone. But Telefónica O2 does not want to lose the connection and was able to increase its network quality, especially in the metropolitan areas. With up to 225 Mbit / s you are not exactly lame on the Munich.

But fast downloads alone do not make the ambitious smartphone user happy: in times of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, the upstream is becoming increasingly important. Again, the network operator trio can not burn: Telekom and Telefónica upload images and videos with up to 50 Mbit / s, Vodafone even up to 100 Mbit / s high.

Important: If you are looking for the right tariff, you should first of all check on the websites of the providers or, even better, with the mobile phone of a friend, how good the reception is in the places where he is in the main.

Big price Differences

The network operators not only build fast LTE networks, but they are also constantly adapting their tariffs to the rapidly increasing data hunger. This is where Vodafone and Telefónica O2 stand out. Frequent users with a Vodafone Red rate are looking forward to receiving about 45 euros per month via voice and SMS packages and 16 GB of data.

O2 topped the whole thing and even offers 30 GB for five euros less a month. If that’s not enough, you can order double the amount of high-speed volume for five euros in all O2 Free packages. The Telekom offers its premium customers with 10 GB least, demands for it with over 48 euro per month however the most.

Even worse, it hits the Wenignutzer: The pay for manageable 2.5 GB in Magenta Mobil S almost 37 euros and thus almost three times as much as the discounters. The bottom line is: If you do not use your smartphone regularly, it’s usually not worth contracting with network operators.

If you want to make the most of everything, you will find the right offer here: All three have a smartphone bundle with unlimited data flat rates for up to 80 euros per month in the program.

Many Extras, But They Cost

If you are not only interested in network performance but also in innovation and service, you are already in the front row of the established three. For some time now, Telekom and Vodafone customers have been able to use selected music, video and chat services, depending on the tariff, thanks to the free “Stream On” and “Vodafone Pass” options, without this being credited to their data volume.

Both operators have recently expanded streaming fun to include online games: for example, mobile gamers can play selected games at no extra cost for a surcharge. The number of services is growing successively in both. For example, Telekom now has more than 300 partners, while Vodafone calls 60 providers for “Vodafone Pass”.

However, these so-called zero rating options do not apply in other EU countries. This, in turn, displeases the Federal Network Agency, which has the two on the Kieker. The Munich-based network operator O2 is also showing its customer-friendliness with its moderate data throttling: anyone who has spent their money on surfing at 1 Mbit / s by the end of the month. For most mobile operators, the limit is over with funny: Since then you sneak through the network with 64 kbit / s.

Another highlight: O2 contract customers can now share their tariff with no additional charge with up to ten SIM cards with other devices. Families are in turn at Vodafone focus: With the Red Plus, additional cards can share up to four family members included in the tariff amount of data.

In terms of service, the network operators with their many shops also have the advantage: the predominantly well-trained staff has a direct line to the customer, can hand over the latest top smartphones to him and sweeten new or existing customers with contracting or extending the contract with hefty discounts,

Discounter: Not All With LTE

However, the alternative providers are also bundling attractive packages with voice and SMS packages as well as sumptuous inclusive volumes – and even for less than ten euros per month. As the discounters rent the infrastructure of the network operators for their numerous mobile tariffs, they are spared the high costs of network expansion and can thus drive their low-price strategy.

But even here, the wheat is separated from the chaff: While the Aldi-Talk prepaid SIMs in the Telefónica network with up to 21.6 Mbit / s spark and are also unlocked for LTE use, Lidl customers are in good shape Vodafone UMTS network even with up to 32 Gbit / s on the road.

However, the Lidl community has to do without the modern LTE standard so far: the Düsseldorf-based network operator has so far only opened its fast high-speed network for its own low-cost brand Otelo. Less restrictive shows next to Telefónica and the telecom:

The makes her fast data network not only the own secondary brand Congstar but also the service provider Mobilcom-Debitel and it’s subsidiary Klarmobil available.

For the UMTS afterburner, however, the two network operator brands charge a surcharge of up to five euros per month. But the investment is well worth it: discounted customers are much better off with LTE. Finally, the continuous expansion of 4G network operators not only ensures higher data rates but also better network coverage, especially in terms of area.

Also Worth It For Frequent Users

But in terms of performance, even power suckers do not have to starve in the discount squad: This is ensured, for example, the ambitious mobile radio 1 & 1, with up to 15 GB inclusive volume and maximum LTE speed of up to 225 Mbit / s for just 30 euros.

However, this only applies to smartphone users who opt for the mobile network of Telefónica Germany, with which the Montabaurer cooperate with Vodafone for four years.

At the remaining LTE discounters such as Klarmobil, Congstar, Otelo or the Drillisch brand Smartmobil the data tacho shows a maximum of 50 Mbit / s in the down- and 32 Mbit / s in the upload. For this purpose, the multi-brand operator Drillisch, who has exclusive access to the Telefónica network thanks to a regulatory gimmick, has advanced to become the LTE lowest price provider.

Flexible Contract Periods

Another pound of low-cost operators is the flexibility: at most discounters, the customer can conclude his mobile phone contract with or against small markup without a term. At Smartmobil, bargain hunters can even quit daily.

Good to know: Most prepaid providers such as Aldi, Lidl or Blau, but also the network operators in their prepaid division, have changed their billing cycle from 30 days to four weeks almost two years ago. Thus, the balance is reversed after 28 days, and the owners of a spark park actually pay 13 instead of 12 months base fee per year.

In return, the discounters have significantly increased the data volume and partly rely on discounted access to music streaming services such as Tidal or Napster, such as Congstar, Aldi, Yourfone or Smart mobile. And even the service shows the network operator competition as a pioneer:

In 1 & 1, the broken smartphone even with self-debt such as a display break or water damage is replaced within 24 hours for a new one. That does not run with Telekom and Co without the conclusion of expensive mobile phone insurance.

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