Realme 3 Review: Great Value, But Why?

This is the real only three and I don’t know why it exists so in the past I described real me phones as the Payphones of the sub $200 price bracket the real me one was a really impressive value proposition in terms of the specs you’re getting at the Helio P 60 in terms of the screen had a notched IPSLCD.

But it was a fairly large one even at 720p with a good screen to body ratio and yeah whilst they’re not exciting phones in any way they do blow the competition out of the water on the whole in terms of what they can do for the price the competition being things like the Nokia one which runs Android go the nokia 2 which has a very under powered snapdragon the honor 7s which was a horrible phone that was so slow couldn’t play 2d games and it lacked a gyroscope so yeah compared to those these devices come out smelling of roses.

But they’re not perfect by a McGreevy real meet it was actually slower than the real meet one and then the real me 2 pro came along and had a smaller battery they’re not necessarily steps forward all the time sometimes they’re two steps falls on one step back and the room we three seems to be more of the same it sports the exact same Helio P 60 processor that we saw in the real mean one and that just doesn’t make any sense to me why upgrade a device.

If you’re not going to upgrade it over an India they get the Helio P 70 and that’s a slight upgrade but it’s still very minor we consider that there’s not really much else to write home about solet’s take a closer look and hope fully try and figure out exactly what real me were thinking here one thing that is necessarily different is the design instead of a kind of hexagonal effect on the back you now have this gradient.

Which goes from dynamic black to radiant blue looks ab it nicer has a bit of a curve on it which does make it feel a little bit more premium but it also feels very plastic very light just like previous models and what disappointing still is the micro USB down the bottom the micro USB even on the real mean one fell out dated an out of place on the real mean 3 it just again doesn’t really make much sense if you’re gonna upgrade this device then that would have been where you’d start it’s not a huge issue to the way you’re gonna use it on a day-to-day basis.

But it’s just not future proof and it means you’re not gonna be able to use a lot of the peripherals that come out in the coming years likewise it means that if you go around the friend’s house and asked to borrow a charger they probably wouldn’t have one other signs this is about the cheaper device include the button they’re separate the screen is only 7020 P it’s got Corning Gorilla Glass 3 instead of four or five the speaker grille down the bottom sounds pretty tinny it’s not awful but you not gonna want to sit down and watch net flix on.

It that’s where something like the Nokia does have a slight edge the build quality this also not horrible the gradient is quite nice and it could certainly have been a lot worse I guess in terms of the gaming performance the Helio P 60 is not the fastest of course it probably falls just below the Snapdragon 660 which was the one found in the real me 2 pro so again this is a step down from a recent real me device you’ll be able to play most games pub G runs okay on lower settings with occasional frame drops.

But it’s quite impressive that you can play pub Gat all on such an affordable device like I say you won’t be able to do that on the Nokia one or on the 107 s but yeah I don’t expect blazing performance on this by any means this isn’t a device for gaming. But if you’re just browsing through the UI on the whole it’s going to be an OK experience and that’s where. I have to give props to real me even though they haven’t updated this processor since the real me want it’s still faster than most of the competition at this price range and you still aren’t going to find this a chore to use occasionally you have to wait a little bit for the keyboard to pop up you know so perceptible pause that can be a bit irritating occasionally.

I have to take a little bit longer to load but like I say not a chore it’s not awful to use like that 7 s one thing that that Hilo p60 does have going for it is an MPu a neural processing unit meaning that does have some on board AI this means that it can do things like face unlock a lot quicker and it brings some AI features to the camera or they’re not particularly noticeable in terms of RAM you can have either three or four gigabytes in terms of storage.

You can have your 32 or 64 that is expandable by 256 by our micro SD card slot and this space for dual sim there’s also a headphone jack down the bottom so that’s a welcome addition this is running Android 9 with color OS over the top of it you’re not going to be to every one’s tastes of course I’m not a huge fan of the aesthetic changes including this very over-the-top notification shade they really didn’t go subtle on that front finding certain settings can be a pain at the same time there’s a couple of odd glitches for instance on the home screen.

I have this random gap where there’s no app there’s a couple of places where that’s happened so yeah not perfect again but not awful it’s going to be alright I guess one aspects of the performance that is really impressive here though is the battery life it has a 4230 million power battery which combined with that rollovers screen is actually really impressive it’ll last you well into a second day again that’s the same battery that’s found in the real me – not the same one in the real meeting Pro which has smaller battery so again.

It’s not actually an upgrade but in this instance it’s more of a case of it if it ain’t broke don’t fix it as opposed to why didn’t you upgrade that and so that opens up a new potential audience for this device if you’re looking for a secondary phone you can take with you on a camping trip where the price means it doesn’t matter quite so much if you lose it and where the battery life means you’re not gonna have to keep searching for a power outlet the camera is an upgrade from the real me one.

It’s the same as that real Me 2 pro so you get a 13 megapixel on the back backed up by a 2 megapixel and you get a 13 megapixel on the front that secondary lens on the back isn’t for anything fancy just aftereffects there’s no zoom or wide-angle here it is really nice to get such a big megapixel count on the front but out of both lenses you shouldn’t expect any winning performance here this is a very average camera again it’s not terrible and it should win points for that given the price.

But you’re not gonna want to enter any photography competitions photos lack detail especially if you zoom in they look a bit washed out at time sometimes things like a bit soft there are some features here such as a beauty mode and really wants to bra gab out their chrome boost which doesn’t seem to do anything that I can tell this is the front-facing camera by the way that I’m recording this on so that’s what that’s like the nights cape mode does fair little better you can definitely see the improvement.

When you have it switched on however you’re essentially improving what was not the best low-light camera to begin with whilst you can see with a lot more clarity it also introduces a lot more noise it’s quite smudgy and intakes a couple of seconds in order to work so to conclude the roomy 3 is pretty good value for money in terms of the performance you’re not gonna find it horrible chore to use it can do most things that you need it to basically real me is set a benchmark 40 should beadle to accomplish at this low price point and then they failed to live up to it themselves although it’s still better than a lot of the competition.

I won’t say don’t buy this phone it’s not terrible but I would recommend the realm to throw over this any day and yeah I just don’t know why they felt the need to build it they should have waited until they had an actual upgrade all made this some kind of separate line but even then it would be kind of Londyn so there you go that’s the real me 3 it’s good value but it’s pointlessness for the useful interesting guys if you did then please leave a like a comment down below let us know what you think of the real me 3 if you have any theories as to what real me was thinking here there is a real me 3 Pro on the way so that might be the one you want to wait for head over 200 authorities calm for the full review whilst you the retake a look around check out some of the other articles after all we are your source for all things Android

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