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Multi-SIM Cards: Offers From Mobile Service Providers In Comparison

For a long time now, digital nomads cannot handle a cell phone anymore. Anyone climbing into the S-Bahn in the morning often carries a tablet in their pocket next to the smartphone in their hand. When it comes down to it, you also use several devices in parallel.

It’s also practical: While you are having dinner with your partner over the phone, you look at the presentation that the colleague sent on the tablet at the same time.

For digital multitasking, you need neither a Wi-Fi hotspot nor an additional mobile phone contract. Mobile telephony providers have long been offering the adequate solution: With multi-SIM cards, several mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or, more recently, smartwatches can be connected to the Internet with one contract under one phone number.

The annoying change of SIM cards is thus obsolete, also you only get a mobile bill at the end of the month. But the most important thing: you can use the inclusive benefits of his mobile phone tariff with all his devices and about via smartphone and table there you go to buy at Amazon on the included data volume.

Also, an advantage: Anyone who uses an older cell phone for making calls in the car, is thus off the hook, if the new smartphone does not correspond with the hands-free system.


Free For 02 Free Customers

All three network operators have additional cards in their portfolio. However, there are clear differences in terms and performance.

Thus, Telekom customers with the tariff option “MultiSIM” without a one-time fee can add up to two additional mobile phone cards for every 4.95 euros extra per month to each existing tariff and use its performance. Pardon, to almost every tariff:

Ironically, in the most expensive offer Magenta Mobile-XL, which contains an unlimited Datenflat, increases the monthly surcharge to around 30 euros per extra SIM. Vodafone sells its offer under “Red + MultiSIM”:

New and existing customers can order up to two additional cards per phone number in the current Red rates. They each cost five euros per month and can be canceled at any time.


In addition, there is a one-time connection fee of 39.99 euros per card. Even with the Dusseldorf customers pay more with the unlimited Surf flat Red XL: Here, the monthly price doubles to ten euros per additional SIM.

Both telecom and Vodafone customers can use telephone calls and mobile Internet in parallel on up to three devices. However, SMS and MMS services are linked to a SIM card.

Noteworthy: O2 Free customers can distribute their tariff with up to ten SIM cards at no extra charge on multiple devices Рthree cards for phone calls, SMS and data, the remaining seven purely for data. Thus, the Telefónica subsidiary is ahead of the competition.

If you own a smartwatch, you can also order the additional cards as an E-SIM, allowing you to stream, surf and communicate music without the need for a smartphone. The permanently installed SIM card is activated by QR code, the conditions are the same for all three network operators as for a classic multi-SIM.


Also Discounters With Extra SIMs

But the network operator competition such as 1 & 1, Mobilcom Debitel and the Drillisch brands Smartmobil and Yourfone attract with extras and offer depending on the provider up to two additional SIM cards to the existing mobile contract.

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