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LED Strips For Wi-Fi, ZigBee & Bluetooth: Buying Advice And Tip

LED Strips For Wi-Fi, whether monochrome or with color changes, create pleasant and indirect light. Indirect lighting in the kitchen is very popular, for example on the base of kitchen cabinets. But also in the living room, bedroom or hallway LED strips are often used to create a pleasant lighting mood.

The advantage of LED strips: They are usually easy to install, can be shortened or extended, are dimmable and consume little energy. If you are already using smart bulbs in other lamps, you will often find strips of light as an additional set that can be easily and simply integrated into the existing system.

Base First, Then The Extension

Buy a LED strip of light, then be sure to purchase the basic package first. After all, a strip of light also needs a control unit, and in the case of LED strips, this is usually reflected in the form of a controller attached to the power cable. Without this controller, the light bar is not controllable. Extension Packages are easy clickable meter LED strips.

Many of the light strips are dimmable, but this never works over an existing, normal dimmer switch. For some, such as the Hue system from Philips, there is a separate dimmer switch that controls the light strip via the bridge. Alternatively, the dimming is done in the app or by voice command.

Easy To Attach

LED strips can be attached almost everywhere. No tools are actually needed, except maybe a pair of scissors to trim the strip at marked points. The strips have an adhesive side, with which they are attached to the ground.

Who wants to equip wet rooms or the balcony and garden furniture with LED lighting, this should best use the outdoor version, if available. This is weather resistant and also water protected. Important in all variants: The strips need a power supply in the form of a socket.

Tip 1: LIFX Z Starter Kit

The LIFX range of bulbs also includes the smart LED band LIFX Z. The system is WLAN-based and requires no hub. Only a power supply via socket must be present in order to install the LED strip light and take it by means of LIFX app in operation.

Included in the LIFX Z Starter Kit (view on Amazon) is a two-meter-long strip of light along with a power cable with a controller. Expand the tape can be up to 10 meters. Commissioning is easy: The tape is simply glued to the cleaned surface. Extensions are infected at the end.

The LED strip can be controlled via an app, scenes can be defined, colors can be defined and more. The app is enormous in size, but also requires a little training. After that everything works perfectly. If you do not always want to use the app, you can also use LIFX Z with Alexa. In addition, it can be connected to Apple HomeKit.

Tip 2: Osram Smart + Flex 3P Multicolor

Advance also has a smart light band in its Osram Smart + product line. The ZigBee version (view on Amazon) can be controlled via the app and ZigBee Gateway with ZigBee standard. Alternatively, the light band can also be integrated directly into Echo Plus and does not require an additional gateway.

Of course, you can also use the light band with the speech assistant Alexa. For Apple Homekit users Osram has the Smart + Flex 3P Multicolor (view at Amazon) in a HomeKit variant in the program, which works exclusively with Apple Homekit.

The installation is quite simple: The self-adhesive strips are simply pressed onto the prepared substrate and glued on. There are also extensions to the 180 cm long strip. Again, in addition to a gateway in the ZigBee variant, in any case, a power outlet is necessary

Tip 3: Philips Hue LightStrip +

Also available from Philips Hue is a light strip for the Hue ecosystem. The basic set consists of 2 m strip of light plus power supply. Like all Hue bulbs, a Hue Bridge is needed to operate. The setting of the light temperature and colors is done via the Hue app.

The installation of a strip is relatively simple. Also, this strip is simply glued to the surface. The light strip can also be extended up to 10 m by attaching extension strips.

Like all Hue lights, the Lightstrip + is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, IFTTT, and Conrad Connect and supports smart home systems from manufacturers that have integrated a hue feature.

Nice: For the LightStrip + (see at Amazon) there are other apps and features so that the strip can also be used for a gaming or entertainment lighting and reacts to scenes on the screen or music and demenstprechend sets the light.

Tip 4: Inner Flex Light Color

Inner also offers a flexible, colored strip of light in its range of luminaires. The LED strip measures 4 meters and attaches flexibly and can be easily cut with scissors. In addition, there is a 2m long cable, which leads over the control box to the socket.
The control of the ZigBee-based bar is via the Hue Bridge or a ZigBee headquarters of other manufacturers. Alternatively, the controller works without an additional module via the Echo Plus variant. If the Inner Flex Light Color (seen on Amazon) runs over a Hue Bridge, control over other Echo products is also possible.

Inner has its own app, but the bar can also be used in the Hue app. There is no support for Apple Homekit. For Hue users certainly a cheap alternative to the original Light stripes, but without the support of other features such as entertainment or gaming lighting.

Tip 5: Paulmann MaxLED / Reflex LED

At lamp manufacturer Paulmann, LED strips can be found both for Bluetooth control via smartphone or tablet (MaxLED) and via ZigBee system (Reflex LED). While the Bluetooth version can be easily controlled via the Paulmann Home app, the ZigBee version (seen on Amazon) is integrated into the Smart Home via Paulmann’s own Smart Friends Box or a ZigBee gateway from other manufacturers.

The ZigBee Reflex LED bar offers a lot more comfort: on the one hand the compatibility with Amazon Alexa Echo Plus, Philips Hue Bridge 2 and Osram Lightify. On the other hand, the system is mesh-capable, meaning that the range increases from product to product.

Tip 6: Eve Light Strip

The Eve Light Strip is integrated into the WLAN via Apple HomeKit and is thus independent of other gateways or bridges. The LED strip, which supports only HomeKit, delivers 1800 lumens in white and color, is dimmable and can be used according to the manufacturer as a primal light source.

The base strip has a length of 2 meters. It can be shortened up to 30 centimeters. Extension belts make a length of 10 meters possible.

Tip 7: Intertek Smart LED Light Strip

The iLintek color and white LED strip eliminates the need for any additional hub or gateway. to control it or put it into operation. The smart light strip is simply integrated via the app in the domestic WLAN (only 2.4 GHz). In addition to an RGB color spectrum, the 3-meter long strip also offers white gradations from cold to warm white. The strip can be shortened at the cutting marks. In addition to the control via the app (iOS and Android), the Lightstrip can also be controlled via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Good: On the controller itself, which unfortunately unlike the strip is not IP44 splash-proof, there is a button with which the light strip can also be turned on and off.

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