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Huawei Watch In The Test

Not only the name of the Huawei Watch is very close to the Apple Watch, but also the claim is the same: Both manufacturers aim with their premium watch on customers with high demands. However, Apple has much more experience with such products. Whether convinced the Huawei Watch reveals our first test.

Huawei Watch In The Test

Huawei Watch: Design

The case is made of a stainless steel body, which is designed very high quality, but also has a very massive effect because the bezel around the display stands out and makes the body even more powerful than it actually is. The straps for the bracelet are designed extra large. That the swanky clock is only 11.3 millimeters thin, you see her not at all, on the contrary.

Only in the middle of 2015, the piece of jewelry to come into the trade, a price Huawei has not yet called, but everything under 300 euros is absolutely unrealistic, if only because the 1.4-inch OLED display protected by extremely scratch-resistant (and expensive) sapphire crystal becomes. The watch will be available in three case variants: gold, metallic and black. Add to that a variety of leather or metal bracelets – simple plastic is not offered by Huawei.

Huawei Watch: Equipment

Technically, the smartwatch moves in the upper midfield, without attracting much attention. The round OLED is 1.4 inches tall and has a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels, which goes beyond the standards used by smartwatches (320 x 320 pixels) Qualcomm’s standard processor for smartwatches, the Snapdragon 400, is under the display.

Huawei Watch: Equipment

The sensor equipment is good, in addition to the usual 9-axis motion sensor, Huawei also built a heart rate monitor and a barometer, which can take into account, for example, the differences in height when climbing stairs for the movement profile. The connection with the smartphone makes the watch exclusively via Bluetooth 4.1 – WLAN, GPS, NFC, and a mobile phone module are not on board.

The battery should hold for two to three days according to the manufacturer, there is no information about the capacity of the battery. It is recharged via pogo pins on the underside of the clock, so it must be placed for charging in a special charging tray, which will be included. The wireless standard Qi is not supported.

Huawei Watch: System

Many observers said the Huawei Watch after the presentation of the most beautiful smartwatch currently, and this verdict is not least due to the stylish combination of noble cause and the perfectly matching pointer design (Watchface). But the disenchantment follows, as soon as a notification pops up, then namely the plain and almost a bit cheap-looking interface of Google’s Android Wear becomes visible.

Huawei Watch System

Of course, Huawei will modify the system and interface, but we could not see anything about it because only one demo software was installed on our test model. But one thing is already clear: In its current form, the interface of Android Wear is not compatible with a premium watch. And that’s one of the biggest drawbacks of the Huawei Watch.


If it were to hit the market now, the Huawei Watch would without a doubt be the most beautiful smartwatch in the world. But it does not come until the summer, long after the Apple Watch, which Apple will present again in detail on March 9th. And who knows what Samsung, Motorola, and Co. will bring until the summer? In addition to the late start, the price makes skeptical. It will be high, and the question is not whether it is appropriate, but whether Android Wear in its current form meets even premium requirements.

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