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Ex-Nokia employee speaks plain text: That’s why Windows Phone really failed

Windows Phone: Google has been underestimated for too long

According to WinFuture, a former employee of Nokia (and later Microsoft) has spoken up at Reddit. He was by his own admission even before the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft in the US employed by the Finnish manufacturer. According to him, the problems began with the change to Microsoft. Why Windows Phone plays no role today and Android and iOS clearly dominate the market came as no surprise to him.

Google as a competitor had been underestimated until recently, he writes. Apple was taken seriously because the group already had a lot of experience. Google as a “newcomer” in the field of smartphones and mobile operating systems could pose no threat to Microsoft, was then rumored. Only when Google deliberately kept its popular services like YouTube or Maps away from Windows Phone, should Google’s strength finally be recognized as such.

Another major reason for the case of Windows Phone should have been the desktop system Windows 8, which was perceived by many users after the more popular Windows 7 than significantly worse. Potential customers would have made no distinction between Windows Phone and Windows 8, so that the negative attitude would have been transferred to the mobile operating system. According to the ex-employee, however, both teams worked independently of each other.

Nokia smartphones still exist today – even though they are now produced by HMD Global. Our assessment of the Nokia 9 PureView is here in the video:

Windows Phone: train has long since departed

According to the ex-employee, the train for Windows Phone had already left. Users would have long since opted for a phone with Android or an iPhone with iOS, as Microsoft threw his hat in the ring. There would have been no reason for users to switch from Android or iOS to Windows Phone. Even if there were more apps, hardly any users would have changed, he writes.

In addition, there was another problem that Microsoft had long faced: the group had a bad reputation with developers and customers alike. The generation of “Microsoft haters” had just begun to start their own startups for other platforms. Although the reputation of Microsoft has improved in recent years, few developers were willing to put on Windows Phone at that time.

The Nokia Ion Mini never came to market. As it looked, you can see in the picture gallery:

Nokia employees allegedly recognized early on that they could not compete with Android and iOS. More or less secretly should therefore have been worked on Android phones, which were then available for a short time as the Nokia X series. In July 2014, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced, however, that the series will be discontinued without successor.

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