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Does MKBHD Like The Xiaomi Folding Phone?

The Xiaomi Folding Phone, Folding Phone, Xiaomi

I thought to myself you know we need to get to the bottom of some topics since as you know mkbhd is the authority on various technology topics on the Internet hey what’s up guys I’m THD here we’ve got something exciting here I mean you obviously know it’s all about these folding phones right now the next Samsung folding phone and of course.

folding phone, Xiaomi Folding Phone

It was the Royal or Royal spy I mean I have trouble with that one how was really skeptical that one I didn’t see at CES I play with it at CES let’s just say foldable phones aren’t ready no and that was proof you want to reward ambitious projects in tech because we’re and we’re handling all these slabs that are so bad cuz everyone’s saying oh the phones are the same now they all look the same everyone’s got a notch and dual camera and glass.

You kind of want some interesting new thing to talk about and they did that but then I look at it and I use it I have to tell the truth which is it’s not that great don’t put this thing in your pocket it’s not the one today and you only read this article old this is breaking it’s the president of Xiaomi and them made this video right here of their working prototype of how they envision a folding phone here we go here you go this is the magic moment okay it was a double fold on the back oh whoa why I don’t know they’re getting a lot of love for this particular design people are saying whom this seems closer.

Folding Phone, The Xiaomi Folding Phone, Xiaomi Folding Phone

The idea of popping it open and having a slightly larger display like is that enough to justify this very weird form factor the rest of the time this sandwich mode this the product that’s going to break open the doors for the future of folding phones I don’t know if I can say yes but I like the idea where like they folded it and it went from tablet mode to smaller tablet mode made more sense than what I’ve seen so far this isn’t making me go oh that’s why I want a folding phone you know I’m kind of still waiting for that moment.

I think what I saw was a I think it was also a patent application remember the razor that flip phone mm-hmm but it was like a version of the razor with touch screen all the way and he could fold it in half so it was like a new razor mm-hmm and it was a folding display and I said oh that that’s like the one interesting way I could see a foldable display being useful having that flip phone feel back people loved flip phones we’ve gone away from that but now if you have a folding display you could maybe build all the components around it and have a flip phone again I’m interested to keep seeing these different versions and we’ll eventually get something yeah and I think the difference, in this case, is the reason that this one’s generating a little bit more interest is because of the company doing it like Xiaomi is they seem capable like if someone was gonna do it you didn’t believe in the flex pay Royall exactly that was not.

The most confidence-inspiring brand yeah no offense obviously but a newcomer to this particular space Xiaomi I know they and their pumping out smartphones like some new models all the time you know it’s weird about the floating phone or the folding phone thing is when you fold it over the back of the phone stays lit up that’s what’s happening here yes happening in the prototypes I’ve seen but it makes me feel like just turn the back off right so you don’t feel like you’re at doing accent ‘el touches yeah no I mean you’re probably right from like a user experience standpoint.

The Xiaomi Folding Phone, Folding Phone, Xiaomi

It does seem odd to have this display that you’re not looking at on the back yeah but then you get this weird side of it which is anyone who has one of these phones who spends whatever amount of money is going to be necessary to pick one he’s gonna want the world to know that their screen folds that’s fair so I don’t know here’s my thing I’m kind of with you an early part of the discussion here I haven’t seen the killer application yet like why what is big I get it you have a slightly bigger display like in this case when he hasn’t unfolded yeah but you look at some of the big phones out there that there are six and a half inches already so if you scale up to like an 8-inch display for tablet but like what are you getting in exchange yeah.

It’s not enough until somebody showcases maybe a pen input maybe some other input method or-or some type of application where it’s like oh that’s compelling yeah I think the why is like we can keep having these light bulb moments about oh that’s a different way to use a folding screen but generally since we only have these couple prototypes my conclusion is radiotelephones aren’t ready yet proof of concepts kind of remind me of the beginnings of other things like Oh ed and I don’t know 3d had its day but like we’re trying to figure out if this impermanent I think we’re yet to have that light bulb moment yeah we’re we’re still stuck in oh it’s cool a screen is boding screens aren’t supposed to fold I’m still not seeing that feature but it is cool tech yeah definitely yeah

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