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Clean Your Smartphone And Notebook – That’s How It Works

The smartphone And notebook is the official home of WhatsApp. That’s because every WhatsApp user account is linked to a mobile number. But there are different ways to use WhatsApp on the tablet. We introduce them and show their advantages and disadvantages.

In some mobile phone plans, you can receive multiple SIM cards for the same phone number. One would think that WhatsApps sent to the phone number appear on all devices equipped with these cards, but that does not work. If you are installing WhatsApp fresh on a smartphone, the number will automatically be checked when you first start it. This will pair the WhatsApp user account with the device on which you are performing this review. If you then start WhatsApp on another device, then you can also unlock it. However, the activation on the first device goes out.

The beauty of mobile devices is that they can be taken anywhere. Just put it in your pocket and off you go. Over time, however, accumulates a lot of dust and dirt in small cracks and connections. Lint from the trouser pocket hang, for example, on the headphone jack and affect the sound quality. Dust in the laptop fan makes the device unnecessarily loud. Anyone who likes to unpack their notebook in the café must also expect that one or the other crumbs will land on the keyboard.

Not to mention the suffering of touchscreens on smartphones and tablets: Touching and wiping with your finger leaves impressions and smudges on the display. This not only looks ugly but can also transmit germs and bacteria. Reason enough for a spring cleaning. We will show you how and with which products you can best tackle the problem of cleaning your home.

Clean The Display

Touchscreens and notebook screens are fragile and therefore need special care. You should avoid heavy cleaning agents. It is best to use a special screen cleaner. Turn off the device and allow it to cool. Never spray the cleaning agent directly on the display, as it could penetrate the housing through cracks. It is best to apply a few drops to a soft microfibre cloth and gently polish the display. In addition, you can use a disinfectant to kill fungus and bacteria.

Clean Connections

On smartphones and tablets, especially the fine connections for charging cables and headphones are prone to dust. If too much dirt accumulates here, the contacts will not work properly and there will be crackling in the sound transmission. Fine dirt particles can be removed with a cotton swab. Make sure that no cotton wool separates. Even with a compressed air spray, you can blow out the openings. Another option is a cleaning mass, as it is also used as a keyboard cleaner. But do not press too hard into the opening, otherwise, the mass could get stuck.

The keyboard on the notebook has a particularly large number of cracks, in which crumbs and dust settle. First of all, it is recommended to turn the device over once and shake it lightly. Then you can vacuum the remaining dirt with the vacuum cleaner. Use a narrow nozzle or brush and set the teat to the lowest level. Alternatively, dirt can be blown out of the cracks with a compressed air spray. Another possibility is a special cleaning mass that is pressed onto the keyboard, picks up the dirt and removes it on removal.

Dust The Fan

Also in the fan of a notebook likes to collect dust. This will make the device loud and hot. From the outside, you can clean the fan with the vacuum cleaner. Set it to the lowest suction level and hold the nozzle to the ventilation slots. The cleaning becomes more thorough from the inside. But you have to remove the battery from the notebook and screw it on. Then you can clean the fan with a compressed air spray or carefully with cotton buds.

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