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AVM Fritzfon C6 In The Test

The differences between the offered by AVM Fritzfon models are less in hardware and functional equipment, but primarily in the design. After the still offered Fritzfon C5 was built very flat, falls in these weeks on the market coming C6 rounder.

AVM Fritzfon C6 In The Test

The ergonomics of holding the phone, this is quite beneficial, even the greater distance between the number keys is a plus in the operation. In addition, fits into the thicker housing and a larger battery (C6: 1000 mAh, C5: 750 mAh). However, unlike other cordless manufacturers, AVM does not use standard AAA cells but uses specific Li-Ion batteries.

Optically not distinguishable from the C5 is the large, high-contrast 240×320-pixel color display (diagonal: 5.6 cm). According to AVM, it works but more energy efficient. Thanks to the motion sensor, the handset comes to life when lifted. The price recommendation for both models is 79 euros.

Optimized For Use On Fritzbox

The volume of the ringtone and the loudspeaker can be controlled with a side rocker switch. A mini headphone jack can be plugged in to connect a headset.

AVM Fritzfon C6 In The Test

Technical details on request: Who wants sees the start screen status information of the Fritzbox. Well sorted: The large range of functions is clearly distributed via the operating menu. Like its predecessors, AVM has also designed the C6 specifically for cooperation with Fritzbox routers.

It is up to the user whether he or she can display technical status information from the router or smart home on the start screen – or information typical for the telephone, such as the last calls.

The extensive functions include Internet radio, e-mail display, RSS feeds, access to media players and registered to the Fritzbox smart home devices or the live image display of connected to the Fritzbox door intercoms with IP camera.

As usual with AVM, software updates are constantly upgrading new functions – even years after the device purchase. Conversely, this also means that it makes little sense to operate the Fritzfon C6 on a different router than a Fritzbox – of the huge feature list then only the basic functions would remain.


Standby time (12 days and 15 hours) and talk time (19:39) are thanks to a larger battery much longer than the Fritzfon C5, the sound has also improved compared to the C5 – the C6 scores for both Narrowband and for HD-Voice the grade “very good”.

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