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Auvisio True Wireless In-Ear Stereo Headset In Field Test

At first glance, the auvisio True Wireless in-ear stereo headset makes a solid and high-quality impression. Their design is modern and simple, the workmanship is good. The same applies to the supplied charging box, which is stable enough to safely transport the headset.

Also included is a USB cable to charge the box. With a length of 13.5 cm incl. Plus, the cable is very short advised. Three silicone ear tips in different sizes are also included. Once the right size is found, the headphones sit comfortably in the ear and are hardly noticeable thanks to the low weight of around four grams. In addition, they do not slip and stay where they should.

Easy Charging

The headphones themselves are charged in the charge case, which acts as a power bank. Two red LEDs on the headphones indicate the charging process. If the batteries are full, the lights go off, they are empty, the LEDs are flashing. The capacity of the charge case battery is 300 mAH and enough for about three headset charges. When fully used, the headphones will last approximately 2.5 hours.

As soon as the headphones are removed from the box, they are switched on and can be used immediately. Practically, the Bluetooth pairing has to be done only once manually; then the headphones automatically connect to the smartphone (Auto-Connect).

The coupling is supported by a computer voice. However, this is sometimes so poorly understood that you can do without it. The connection process is quite simple and works right away. The manufacturer specifies the maximum distance between the headset and a mobile device is ten meters. In the test, the whole thing works a little bit beyond that.

Operation And Sound

The In-Ears have a multi-function button that controls all important functions such as music playback, volume, call answering or Google / Siri. That works pretty well – assuming you know the commands by heart. So it may well happen that instead of the previous song title to start the language assistant of the smartphone. After a short settling in, this should not be a problem anymore.

The sound of in-ears is good at a normal volume; Of course, you can not expect a high-end sound for just under 33 euros, but for this price range he is absolutely fine.


The auvisio True Wireless in-ear stereo headset is comfortable to wear, offers a wide range of functions and, thanks to the included power bank, can be easily charged on the go – all for the price of just under 33 euros. This makes them a great alternative to expensive counterparts.

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