Android app to Track Phone Location

GPS following alludes to the utilization of Global Positioning Systems so as to decide the correct geographic position/area of a place, individual, vehicle or some other resources. GPS is fit for chronicle the area of advantages at ordinary interims also.

Following through GPS has increased immense ubiquity in the ongoing occasions, with advanced mobile phones humming with this astounding and amazing component. After some time, numerous changes have been gotten this following application.

Today GPS is accessible in iPhone, Blackberry and in addition Android PDA and other top of the line contraptions. In this area, we are presenting the 8 best Android GPS following applications.

Top 10 Android GPS Tracking Apps


Glympse GPS following application is certainly the simplest and in addition the most fundamental method for imparting your land area to somebody. There is no compelling reason to get to any interpersonal organization or to join. You essentially need to pick the time span for which you need the beneficiary to see your area. The beneficiary will get a connection which will enable them to see your ETA i.e. Evaluated Time of Arrival. When the clock lapses, the beneficiary can never again track your area. In addition, there is no requirement for any product to see your Glympse. You can send a Glympse by means of Facebook, Twitter and SMS and web association is the main prerequisite for survey it. – Glympse

MapMyRun GPS Running

MapMyRun GPS Running is most reasonable android GPS following application for sprinters, joggers and additionally walkers having a place with all age bunches and in addition all capacity levels. It is currently conceivable to follow the separation secured, pace of running, calories consumed, time overwhelmed by sound alarms and much more. As it were, this is the sharpest GPS following application for android made till date. You should simply Press the begin catch once you begin running, strolling or running. This following application will compute your course, speed, calories and in addition remove secured every moment. – MapMyRun GPS Running

WAY GPS Phone Tracking

WAY GPS Phone Tracking is a most developed GPS following application that shows the area and other related data without the utilization of any sort of symbols. For Android 3.1 or more clients, it is important to reboot your advanced cell once this following application is downloaded. You would now be able to find your family, companions, vehicles and additionally workers furtively. The application works quietly, consequently giving you most extreme protection. Aside from this, it fit for finding in excess of a solitary gadget in one go. So now you can follow a cell phone quietly and get to the subtleties on your internet browser. WAY GPS Phone Tracking is additionally accessible for Blackberry gadgets. – WAY GPS Phone Tracking

Open GPS Tracker

Open GPS Tracker is another shrewd GPS following application for android that is equipped for putting away your GPS areas and henceforth helps with finding your movements on your Android cell phone or some other Android gadget. You can share your area through KMZ and GPX designs and can likewise outline it will as tweet. In addition, you can likewise take notes from your movements with the assistance of pictures, sound, messages and additionally recordings. GPS Tracking just showed signs of improvement and more astute with Open GPS Tracker. – Open GPS Tracker

Constant GPS Tracker

It is presently conceivable to demonstrate your exact geological area to your family and companions on the Google outline. Indeed, this application is in excess of a GPS tracker. It is equipped for imparting your ongoing areas to your friends and family. All the while, your family and companions can likewise impart their areas to you. Be that as it may, you and your companions/family need this following application introduced so as to see each other’s areas. You will have the capacity to share your areas while running, strolling, biking paragliding, climbing or while basically going via train or transport. – Real Time GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking

This amazing GPS following application can find your correct positions right away inside a moment or two. This encourages you in ensuring that your companions, family and above all your children are sheltered wherever and in addition inevitably. Because of the unconventional highlights of this application, it is viewed as the up and coming age of GPS following applications. Being broadly utilized by individuals around the globe, this application is regularly alluded as the Family GPS Tracker. In particular, you can follow one telephone for 7 entire days utilizing this application, an element not found in some other application till date. Aside from this, it indicates call and in addition SMS history for these 7 sequential days. – GPS following

GPS – Tracks for Android

This specific GPS following application is intended for following while at the same time climbing, topic trails, GEO-storing, snow trail visits, cycling trips, touring visits, MTB, ski visits and much more. This application keeps running on all Android advanced mobile phones and other Android gadgets from adaptation 2.1 or more. Moreover, Topo maps are accessible from the European high districts. At the point when moved to the foundation, this following application keeps on working however it might release your gadget sooner than expected. – GPS-Tracks for Android

Dissident – GPS Navigation

With Maverick GPS Navigation, you would now be able to follow the areas on disconnected maps without the need of any web association. This application is most perfect for open air exercises, for example, climbing, sculling, GEO-reserving and much more. it utilizes numerous territorial and worldwide online applications for following purposes. You can share both your current and also arranged positions. Record of the considerable number of spots that you visited can likewise be kept up utilizing this application. – Maverick GPS Navigation

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